Sturgeon Capital Summer Intern Program – 2023

Mar 21, 2023

Sturgeon Capital is a leading emerging markets VC, based in London and investing in early-stage companies across Central and South Asia. The markets we invest in are primed for digitalisation, with high smartphone and internet penetration yet limited VC capital available to catalyse their burgeoning startup ecosystems. Sturgeon has an on the ground presence in each region that it invests and is committed to backing the new generation of transformational businesses that will solve the key problems affecting the day to day lives of businesses and consumers. Sturgeon invests initial checks at Seed up to Series A, focusing primarily on B2B software, FinTech and Marketplaces. We are a for-profit and for-impact investor that aims to create employment opportunities, support financial inclusion, and develop venture ecosystems with equal opportunities for all through our investments.

Internship Description

This summer we are looking for two interns to join the team for three months. These interns will be integrated across the Sturgeon team from day one, involved in every aspect of the business including portfolio support, new investment sourcing and due diligence, and investor relations. We are looking for ambitious individuals who have a passion for emerging markets and the opportunity for technology to address the core challenges that they face. You should be intellectually curious and honest, have a keen attention to detail and ability to see things from a different perspective, and be relentlessly dissatisfied with accepting the status quo. You should have excellent written, verbal and presentation skills, and a proactive attitude to problem solving. By the end of the three months, you will have first-hand experience operating within a VC firm, culminating in bringing a deal from our pipeline to the investment committee.

What will you do?

  • You will be assisting the investment-team in the investment process up to the negotiations with potential portfolio companies
  • You will take part in regular meetings, including Monday pipeline reviews, biweekly investment committee meetings, and calls with companies and investors
  • You will assist with the valuation and analysis of potential investment cases as well as related market-, industry- and technology deep-dives
  • You will proactively research and analyse market and industry trends to identify the best early-stage companies and founding teams
  • You will give operational support alongside the investment team to existing portfolio companies, including business development, fundraising, new market entry, and exit strategies
  • You will support the team with prospective and current investor relations, including social media, quarterly investor reporting and preparing fundraising materials

Application process:

  • Prospective candidates should submit their written responses to these two questions by 5pm GMT on Sunday the 2nd of April at the following link –
    • Which early stage technology company in an emerging market would you invest in and why? (Max 500 words)
    • What business model do you think offers the greatest potential for impact and financial returns in our markets and why? (Max 500 words)
  • Successful candidates will be contacted by Thursday 6th April to arrange a call for the week of the 10th of April with one of the Sturgeon team
  • A shortlist of candidates will be required to prepare a written response to a case study by Friday the 21st of April
  • The final shortlist will have a call with other members of the Sturgeon team during the weeks of the 24th of April and the 3rd of May
  • The successful two interns will be notified by the 7th of May


  • Who should apply? This internship is open to anyone, with no prerequisites for degree focus or grade. You will be judged based on your responses to the application questions, where you should demonstrate the skills and characteristics that have been highlighted in the call for applications.
  • What are the dates? The internship will start on Monday the 5th of June and run until Friday the 1st of September. You will be able to take up to 5 days holiday during this time.
  • Will it be paid? Yes, each intern will be paid £1,500 per month.
  • Where will it be? The internship be at our offices in London.
  • Is remote an option? We want both the interns and Sturgeon to get the maximum value from the three months, so the expectation is that interns will be in the office three days per week. Fully remote is not an option.
  • What should you do to prepare? We are not expecting you to have an in depth understanding of how VC works. What we are expecting is for you to demonstrate a curiosity and enthusiasm for emerging markets and Sturgeon’s investment strategy. Our website has a host of articles, reports, and podcasts that are the minimum foundation on which to build your preparations. The rest is up to you.