Central Asia Investments

Sturgeon Capital is the leading private international investor in Central Asia, with partners that include global corporations such as Chevron.

As of July 2023, Sturgeon’s activity in Central Asia includes (i) 15 technology companies held through our VC vehicles and (ii) a $250m Fund focused on Private Equity and (iii) advisory mandates for international strategic corporates. Whilst we have coverage across the region, we focus primarily on Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Sturgeon has nine senior members of the team based (and dedicated) to Central Asia.

By virtue of our mix of on-the-ground presence, non-stop travel (by the London Partners), and close relationships with all local ecosystem players, we have access to 100% of the relevant deal flow in Central Asia. We also have an unmatched ability to due diligence these opportunities effectively and provide value add post-investment support. There is no other venture firm with this breadth and depth of capability in Central Asia.

For more information on Sturgeon’s Venture Capital, Private Equity and Advisory work in Central Asia please contact the team.

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Central Asia’s nascent startup ecosystem has developed rapidly in the last 3 years , with a growing number of startups and VCs active in the region. With a large, young, digitally native population it is poised to leapfrog as it catches up with emerging peers.

Combined regional population
of the strategic “Silk Road” and trade between East and West 
New start-ups born every year
Population under the age of 35
28 years 
Median age
Accelerators & Incubators active in the region
Common business language across all countries 
Active start ups in Central Asia
Mobile & internet penetration

Notable Deals

FinTech Baring Vostok, Goldman Sachs

FinTech Y-Combinator, Global Founders Capital, Sturgeon

B2B Software Quest Ventures, Sturgeon

FinTech Battery Road Ventures, Presto Ventures, UzVC

Ecommerce/FinTech  Zain Capital, Sturgeon

Marketplace Falconry VC, Sturgeon

Ecosystem Stakeholders

Global Accelerators/ Incubators Plug & Play (Uz), Google for Startups (Kz), 500 Georgia (Ge), Accelerate Prosperity (Kyr)
Government GITA (GE), Astana Hub (KZ), IT Hub (UZ), High Technology Park (KYR)
Local/regional VCs Cartooli (Ge), Digital Area (Ge) MOST Ventures (Kz), UzVC (Uz), Aloqa Ventures (Uz), UzCard Ventures (Uz), Myventures (Kz), White Hill Capital (Kz)
International VCs Sturgeon Capital (UK), Quest Ventures (SG), Presto Ventures (CZ)