Why Invest in Central Asia and the New Silk Road Economies?

The Central Asian and New Silk Road markets form an important geo-strategic and economic trade hub and transit corridor, linking Asia with Europe, Africa the Middle East and India.

These markets are home to vast natural resource deposits, but most importantly to a young and well-educated workforce capable of converting this raw metal, mineral and energy wealth into long-term sustainable economic growth and regional prosperity.

Driven by the winds of favourable geography, geology and demography Central Asia and the New Silk Road promise to be a key source of growth for investors over the medium-to-long term, with regional listed equity markets currently some of the cheapest in the world.

Why Sturgeon Capital?

The Sturgeon Capital team has worked to build networks of relationships with key organisations and individuals across Central Asia and the wide region. This includes strategic partnerships with leading brokerage and research houses in major market capital hubs along the New Silk Road.

Coupled with our deep knowledge and 10 years of fundamental bottom-up research feeding into a clear investment process these networks give us the information edge needed in a frontier market to continue to add value for portfolio investors.


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Why Invest Today?

  • As key markets along the New Silk Road, Central Asian economies are a natural trade hub between MENA, Europe and Emerging Asia
  • The region is awash with natural resources, enjoying much lower costs of production and rising output versus global commodity exporting peers
  • Regional listed equites are among some of the cheapest in the world on a Price/Earnings basis
  • New Silk Road countries have attractive demographics, with a young, well educated consumer-driven workforce

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